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  1. Correct an image’s basic parameters like brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, historgram etc.

  2. Add special effect to give it an appealing photographic look.

  3. Add special effect to give it a vibrant and fun look, good for sharing on Facebook, Twitter etc.

  4. Do any of these only on a selected portion of the image.

  5. Share your photos on Facebook, Twitter directly from your iPhone/iPod.

  6. Crop, Straighten, Rotate and Flip the image with touch controls.

  7. Export edited image in high resolution to camera roll.



Now available!




Our most ambitious project so far!





This is much more than just an iPad version of the popular iPhone photo editor PhotoWizard-Editor. Extremely powerful yet very easy to use photo editor for your iPad. 

You will find all the tools that you will need to enhance or decorate your photos and many of them are not available in any other app. 

Like on iPhone, PhotoWizard for iPad also comes with it's powerful masking feature. Using masking you can selectively edit your pictures; apply filters and effects only on the portion that you want to modify. This alone gives you enormous power to be creative with your photos, achieving breathtaking effects. 

Another new addition is selective (using mask) copy/paste with 18 different blending modes and transparency. You can not only copy/paste images but also can create double exposure/texture blending effects using this feature. 

In short, PhotoWizard-HD comes with following features... 



✔ 20 photo correcting filters. (listed below). 
✔ More than 50 painstakingly created special effects. 
✔ Crop. 
✔ Straighten. 
✔ Rotate/Flip. 
✔ Add text. 
✔ Clone Stamp. 
✔ Selective Copy/Paste with 18 blending modes and transparency. 
✔ Masking tool, 8 of them. 
✔ Supports both landscape and portrait modes. 
✔ This version can export up to 2048x2048 resolution. 
✔ Instant save, no waiting period. 
✔ Unlimited Undo/Redo. 
✔ Auto Save Session.


Filters include...

Brightness, Exposure, Contrast. 
➣ Hue, Saturation. 
➣ Shadow/Highlight recovery. 
➣ Color Balance (separately for highlights, mid-tones or shadows) 
➣ Sharpen. 
➣ Unsharp Mask. 
➣ Gaussian Blur. 
➣ Curves of Value, Red, Green and Blue (with option to save/reuse your own curves). 
➣ Histogram of Value, Red, Green and Blue. 
➣ Auto Level. 
➣ Auto Equalize. 
➣ Temperature. 
➣ Auto White Balance. 
➣ Auto Contrast. 
➣ Auto Color Enhance. 
➣ Channel Mixer. 
➣ Soft Focus. 
➣ Adjustable Sepia. 
➣ Colorize. 
➣ Gradient (linear, rectangular and radial) with 18 blending modes. 
➣ Red Eye Reduction. 
➣ Selective Heal. 


In effects section, you will find large collection of effects and also things like adjustable border, vignette, reflection, drop shadow etc. 

If you want to see the app in action, you can watch the following YouTube videos... 



Creating a Greeting Card 
Doing Selective Copy Paste
Custom Tilt Shift Effect
Focus Effect with mask
Red Eye Reduction
Removing unwanted objects using clone stamp


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